To think the unthinkable. To see what is not really there. Random and coincidences.

Is it possible that we live our lives all alone in space? Surrounded by a billion suns and galaxies, where the condition of unknown life existed for millions of years? Is it theoretically possible? Yes. Is it likely? No. If we use the likelihood of our calculation and divide it into some likely and some unlikely it would most say that the statement is likely true. Chance has had far too many occasions for failing to create life on planets around stars in the universe. So why is no evidence for it? Is not there? Are you really sure?

One frame

One frame of a film I took converted in to black and white and magnified from a clear blue sky over Sweden. Can anyone please explain what we are looking at?

This are some examples of movies I have taken over the years.

Unknown objects

White objects. Sometimes shooting a white beam. Moving extremly fast. Impossible maneuvers. No sound. Splitting up to several objects in a second - moving impossible in all directions. Unaffected by gravity. This is what my movies shows. I am just showing the facts - no fiction. I have no explaination. It is just unknown objects on a clear blue sky over Sweden. Does it proof that we are visited by something? I don´t know. But it raises my thoughts so amazing it can actually be true!  Random and coincidences took me this far.