Quattuor is an experiment for a creative test with various issues. The theme is space and our place in space and time.  I hope you find the test fun, entertaining and challenging.


                                                                 Solve the strange code.

A strange message was received from space. Can you decode the unknown symbols by using the letters in the alphabet A-Z? Two attempts allowed. Have fun! Your answer will be scored in a scale from 1 to maximum 10 points.


At the excavation of a tomb in Egypt a strange map was found and scientists all over the world tried to decipher the strange characters with no luck. Can you see what the map are telling us? Three attempts allowed. Have fun! Your answer will be scored in a scale from 1 to maximum 10 points.

Hint: Something bad happend a long time ago...


Message received from unknown sender...

Please decode...

Your answer will be scored in a scale from 1 to maximum 10 points.


The StarWheel

Try to figure out what the star wheel is hiding.

The answer should be a star constellation.

How should the wheel look when the problem is 

solved? Startting with a number on top and then 

clockwise. You are free to move the white and 

black fields as you wish.

The X marks the stars.

What is the star constellation called?

Fully answered 10 points.

Hint: Some stars may be hidden behind the white 


Three attempts allowed.

Part V 

Find the common characteristic using these numbers. What does the numbers describe?

If you solve the first question what is the solution pointing at?

Two attempts allowed. Maxiumum 10 points.

1.        0,01 : __________________ : __________________

2.      177,3 : __________________ : __________________

3.    23,44 : __________________ : __________________

4.     25,19 : __________________ : __________________

5.       3,13 : __________________ : __________________

6.   1,5424: __________________ : __________________ Really?

7.    26,73 : __________________ : __________________

8.    97,77 : __________________ : __________________

9.   28,32 : __________________ : __________________


What item should replace the questionmark in the center? The gray markings hiding items included in the pattern. Two attempts allowed.


This is an illustration from my old test IQ-T

Describe in a few words what this illustration asks?

What is the answer - if there is one?


What is your answer to the question that it ask?

One attempt allowed.


Somewhere there´s an answer. We do not know if we will ever find it. But the truth is that the answer was already found. It was just that we did not see it. Can you?

Illustration by Tonny Sellén